A very courageous lady has asked for a married man’s number as his wife closely watched.

In the hilarious video, the lady walked up to the couple and revealed how she admired the man from afar.

She revealed on her TikTok page, @King_Mitchy, requested for his number in the presence of his wife, and the lady looked at her in shock.

The young lady fearlessly asked the man, “You look so cute, can I get your number?”

However, the man cleverly turned to his wife and asked her to release the number, but she vehemently refused. She said she didn’t feel comfortable about it.

King_mitchy later revealed that it was just a prank as revealed towards the end of the video.

Watch the video HERE:

Social media users could not stop talking about the young lady’s boldness as they took to comment section. Some reactions are shown below:

@microphonenews.com said, “What are dey doing dey we say hmmmm see camera see camera.” @persleyjkofficial said, “My steps and all that,you see it,as you can see” Ashewo daddy figure.”

@mhizp80 said, “Oh my God if nah me be that woman, your name is sorry. She’s even doing like village woman sef hmmmm.”

@erimoje_tiger said, “They we say na see camera see camera if this man na woman na hokup he go dey do.”

@timxtimgh said, “Now wifee is at home watching her hubby cheating on her with that office secretary n a stranger on top of them all..Eeei! Baba u be legend!”

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