Mrs Ayodela a 37 year old woman who sells clothes at kumasi Central Market has made claims against her Husband Mr Ayodela who turned 42 just last Monday for selling her Toyota corolla 1998 model to acquire his “side chick” a new iPhone 14 pro.

Speaking to a staff at twittertrends  Mrs Ayodela claimed her husband has been cheating on her with a certain lady by name Grace. She said, she has warned both Grace and her husband to end their intimate relationship but it’s like she has been talking to the air all this while.

Early Wednesday morning, Mrs Ayodela claims a mechanic visited their house in Asokwa a suburb in Kumasi and drove her Toyota Corolla 1198 model which was Ash in color per the instructions of her husband who convinced her that, he is going to do some touch ups on the car since its been long it was sent to the mechanical shop for “body works”

To her out-most surprise, her husband demanded of the cars spare keys and handed it over to the mechanic. She asked the husband the reason and was told to keep calm.
She became furious and asked the mechanic where he was sending the car to and she was told the husband has sold the car to a certain man and he came to pick the car on his behalf.

The married couples started to exchange words and shorty after that, the husband had a call from his “side chick”, Mr Ayodela answered the call and unfortunately the phone was on speaker out which made it possible for anyone nearby to hear the conversation they were having.

“Thanks for buying me the new iPhone 8 plus babe”
These were the words Mrs Ayodela claims to have heard on the phone, she quickly snatched the phone from her husband and Grace was the person speaking to the husband.

Grace where ever you are,  Mrs Ayodela is coming for you

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