A young African American boy summoned courage to shoot his shot at his mother’s best friend and a video of the interaction made its way to the internet.

He FaceTimed the beautiful woman with his mum’s phone so she was expecting to see her bestie only for him to be the one to appear.

She asked him about his mum and he responded that she is not around. When she probed further to know why she called her and went somewhere else, the boy asked her to focus on him instead.

He then professed his feelings to her and she told him that nothing can happen between them because she is married and his mother is her close friend.

She wondered if he is still in touch with her own daughter because they used to be friends, but the boy said he is no longer talking with her child.

The teenage boy then tried to score points by telling her that he and his mum caught her husband with another lady but she doubted his story.

After some back and forth, the pretty lady loosened up and seemed to be giving some thought to the idea of dating him, but she wondered how his mother would react.

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She asked him what he thinks he can do for her as a woman that her husband cannot do and he said a lot but he would have to show her. The boy invited her over so that they can have a face to face discussion on the matter.

Towards the end, the woman said she does not understand how things will work out between them, but she asked him to give her sometime to think about it.

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