Indeed, this marriage proposal really went wrong.

A guy seemed to be frustrated and miserable at the same time when his proposal to his girlfriend of many years ended in shame.

The unidentified guy thought it wise to go ahead with marriage proposal to his girlfriend, who he has dated for many years. Unfortunately to him, he met the disgrace of his life as the girl not only rejecting his proposals but poured wine and cake to his face.

He really planned the marriage proposal as he bought an iPhone 14 pro max and a cake for the lady as part of the proposal which the girl declined but the girl’s girlfriend is seen in the video taking the iPhone along with her as they walked out on the guy.

According to the random guy he has been spending on the so-called girlfriend, he has been paying her house rent and has been paying her school fees, yet she did this to him.

Watch the video HERE and say what you think

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