Maybe God doesn’t want me to get married – 32-year-old pretty woman cries out

A 32-year-old Nigerian lady has disclosed that God did not want her to get married as she cried out online.

In a video making the rounds online, the lady took to her TikTok page, @sunshinebaby134, to reveal that she is in no serious relationship.

The pretty lady has been internet sensation after several crying for husband on the video-sharing platform.

She captioned one of her videos, “I’m turning 32 years old. No serious relationship. No child. No marriage”.

After crying out online, the young lady concluded that perhaps God does not want her to marry.

She wrote, “Maybe God doesn’t want me to marry”.

Social media users encouraged her not to give up so easily as they trooped to comment section.

Watch the video HERE:

Some reactions are shown below:

Bliss & Grace said, “you will mummy just be patient your soul mate is on tha way”.

mikeprecious13 said, “My dear don’t loose hope he will answer our prayers one day I still believe in God almighty”.

Real O’Sammy said, “I have repeatedly reassured you that you’re only temporarily going through relationship setbacks please my darling ❤️❤️❤️”.

Reeves said, “God really want you to marry, good relationship, forever meant for you babes, the time has come and is now for you babes. Cheers.”

GeneralGh said, “Maybe u have not ur dream man yet, cuz they aa alot of guy dat wants to marry people pretty lady like u but de may be dey aa not ur dream guys”.

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