A video circulating online has captured an lady who revealed that her husband can not perform like her spiritual lover.

In the video shared by a TikTok herbalist, the married lady was directed to the spiritualist by her husband so that she can be separated from an alleged marine husband.

On getting to the home of the spiritualist, the woman however asked if there was a way she could get separated from her marine husband without stopping him from coming to sleep with her.

She further explained that her physical husband cannot do half of the things her marine husband does to her.

Sharing the story on TikTok, the herbalist said, “Lady that was directed to me by her husband for marine separation asked me if I could separate her without stopping the marine husband from coming to sleep with her.”

Watch The Video HERE

“Lady: my husband can’t do half of what he does to me. I think the husband is the person I need to separate from her not the marine husband.”

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