Are you in dilemma in choosing a destination to study in around the globe?
If yes,  then here is a list of the top 10 recommended countries for you to choose from in the world.

1) Spain

Spain provides enough  housing and class room conditions which benefits foreign students more. Spain has more than 80 universities for a student to choose from. The interesting part of studying in Spain is having a feel of their beautiful culture. Spain is ranked No.3 in the world for culture. The words most popular football teams are also found in Spain (Barcelona and Real Madrid).

As at 2018, Spain has welcomed as many as 70,000 international students into their country. Cost of living in Spain is also low as compared to several developed countries. You’re going to have a great time if you choose to study in this sunny – beautiful historical country.
Some of the best universities in Spain are
-University of Barcelona
-University of Navara
-University of Madrid

2) New Zealand
An island which is located at the southern part of the Pacific Ocean.
Australia is the closest country to New Zealand. The official languages of this country are (English and Maori).
The monetary unit for New Zealand is (New Zealand dollar).

As at 2018, New Zealand had welcomed over 60,000 international students to study in their various higher education institutions.
It is one of the few places to have a life time adventure if you love sky diving or love to sail.

Some of the top universities in New Zealand are
-University of Auckland
-University of Otago
-University of Canterbury

3) Italy
Italy earns the NO.3 spot on our list.
A country with a Dynamic culture, rich history and amazing delicacies.
One gets the chance to study the nice language should in case he or she chooses to study over there.
Italy as at 2018 had welcomed over 10,000 international students into their well equipped universities.
Italy also happens to be one of the countries with the lowest employment rates,  as at December 2018, the unemployment rate was 9.6% , it is advisable to study in this country because chances of you been hired after school is high.

Some of the top universities in Italy are
– Sapienza University
-University of Padua
-University of Milan

4) France
In the NO.4 position is France.
Paris is it’s capital and it’s popular for its famous styled houses, beautiful art museums and popular monuments like the Effiel Tower.

As at 2018, France had admitted over 150, 000 international students into their best universities to offer different courses.
France is currently ranked NO.1 in the world for adventure.
Most importantly, France can boast of more than 1,000 higher institutions  for one to choose from
The official language of France is French and their monetary unit is the EURO.
Some of the top universities in France are
-Université Paris Panthéon Surbonne
-École Normale Supérieure Paris Sackary
-Université Grenoble Alpes.

5) United States of America
With a record of over 750,000 international students being admitted into higher institutions every year, USA earns the No.5 spot on the top 10 countries to study in the world. Although, the cost of living is high in this country but quality education is guaranteed.
The powerful country can boast of over 4,360 huger education institutions.
English is the most spoken language in USA.
The monetary value of USA is the United States dollar
Below is a list of some of the top universities in USA.
– Stanford University
-Havard University
-Columbia University

6) Canada
No.6 on the top countries to study in the world is Canada.
Recently the capital of Canada which is Toronto was ranked as the most desirable city for students.
As at 2018, Canada had welcomed over 200,000 international students into its universities..
Canada happens to be the world most educated country and was ranked NO. 8 for Career goals.
For adventure, you can have a view of the popular Niagara Falls,  and meet a polar bear in Churchill.
Being one of the most recommended countries to live in because of its higher standard of living, what are you waiting for?
Some of the top universities in Canada are
-University of Toronto
-University of Alberta
-University of Waterloo
The official languages for Canada are French and English.

7) Germany
Germany has more than just visiting for the famous Oktoberfest. It is one of the best countries to visit fit lower tuition fees.
As at 2018, Germany had admitted over 100,000 international students into various higher education institutions .
Germany happens to be one of the few countries you can enjoy world class education

It an awesome place to study business and the sciences.
Some notable universities in Germany are.
LMU Munich
Technical university of Munich
Humbdolt University
Official language for Germany is the German or Dutch

8) Australia
Australia is the largest country in Oceania, Australia is popular for its beautiful cities such as Sydney. It is considered to be one of the best places if you’re willing to take disciplines in business, humanities and the sciences.
For lovers of animals, the Vegemite, Kangaroos and koalas are scattered in the country.
Australia has 6 of its universites in the top 100 world wide university ranking.
As at 2018, Australia had welcomed over 150,000 international students to offer various  disciplines in their various higher education institutions.

9) Switzerland
Home to different lakes,  Switzerland earns the NO. 9 spot on the top 10 countries to study in around the globe.
Switzerland is known for some of the world’s most famous inventions such as the swiss knife, cellophane etc.
As at 2018, Switzerland had welcomed over 50,000 international students to offer various disciplines in their higher institutions.

The official languages for Switzerland are French, German, Italian and Romansh.
Some of the top universities in Switzerland are
University of Geneva
University of Zurich
University of Lausanne

10) Netherlands
Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands. It has the highest seventh G.D.P per capita.
As at 2018, Netherlands had welcomed over 82,000 international students into their various institutions
It is recognized as one of the few countries for career goals and opportunities.
The official languages for Netherlands are
Dutch, English and Frisian.

Some of the top universities in Netherlands are
Utrecht University
University of Groningen
University of Amsterdam

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